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Want to earn money through a scrap car? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will pay you a handsome amount of money in exchange for a scrap car. Our company has been working in Woodstock for many years and has a great number of satisfied customers. We have more than 20 professional workers who are best at their work. So, your satisfaction is our only priority. Convert your junk car into money. Contact us today!

scrap car removal woodstock ontario

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What if the car failed its MOT test in Woodstock?

You can scrap a car that has failed its MOT (Ministry of Transport) test in Woodstock or any other location in Canada because Scrapyards and auto recycling companies have nothing to do with MOT. Scrapyards just need vehicles that are functional or not. Some scrapyards send you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) from the ATF. This document confirms that your vehicle has been disposed of.

old junk car
junk car

Is it best practice to clean a car before it gets picked up?

Don’t worry about washing your car before we pick it up! We will handle the disassembly process ourselves. However, it is best to remove any personal items stored inside. Think wallet, phone, that lucky charm hanging in the rearview mirror – anything you don’t want accidentally recycled! We are happy to take care of the car, and you take care of your treasure.



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Olivia Tremblay
Olivia Tremblay July 06, 2023
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I personally highly recommend Schmidt’s Auto Recycling. They were very professional and provided excellent customer service.
Liam Johnson
Liam JohnsonJune 02, 2018
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I was impressed with Schmidt’s Auto Recycling. They even paid me a good price for my old and unwanted vehicle. Thank you!
Harmeet Singh
Harmeet SinghOctober 02, 2022
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They are doing a great job! They offered a fair price for my old tractor and even took care of all the necessary paperwork. Good work bhai loog!
Sophia LeBlanc
Sophia LeBlancMarch 28, 2024
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Impressed with Schmidt’s Auto Recycling! They were quick to respond and answered all my questions. Great service overall!
Benjamin Ouellet
Benjamin OuelletMarch 14, 2024
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I had an old car sitting in my driveway for ages, and I finally decided to let it go. Schmidt’s Auto Recycling took care of everything efficiently.

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To track the status of your car once it’s been scheduled for scrapping:

  1. Stay in touch with the scrapping service or facility to receive updates on the scrapping process.
  2. Keep records of any paperwork or agreements related to the scrapping appointment.
  3. If needed, reach out to the scrapping service for updates or confirmation of completion once the process is underway.

Yes, you can typically remove aftermarket modifications before scrapping your car:

  1. Ensure that the modifications belong to you and can be legally removed from the vehicle.
  2. Removing aftermarket parts can allow you to reuse or sell them separately.
  3. Inform the scrapping service about the modifications and ensure they are aware of any changes made to the vehicle prior to scrapping.

Yes! The waiting period for scheduling a scrapping appointment can vary based on the availability of scrapping services.