Scrap car removal Burlington

Welcome to Schmidt’s Auto Recycling, where we specialize in recycling unwanted vehicles while promoting environmental sustainability. Our team of professionals focuses on providing top-quality services for removing scrap cars, ensuring that your old vehicles are recycled and reused effectively. We offer scrap car services in Hamilton, Milton, London, and other cities of Canada. If you own an old and unwanted vehicle and are looking for a scrapyard in Burlington, look no further than Schmidt’s Auto Recycling. We would be delighted to assist you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Scrap car removal Burlington

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Why Recycle with Us?

Schmidt’s Auto Recycling is one of the leading scrap yard or auto recycling companies in Canada. We have more than 15 members of a professional crew, covering almost 20+ cities of Canada. Schmidt’s Auto Recycling is not new in the industry, So far we have recycled 10000+ vehicles. Apart from our achievements, we are proudly Licensed by the Canadian Government. Being an auto recycling company we use eco-friendly disposal methods. Recycle responsibly with Schmidt’s Auto Recycling! Contact us today to schedule your scrap car removal and contribute to a greener future.

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Is there any cost for scrap car removal in Burlington?

Most recycling companies or scrapyards charge for vehicle removal, but we offer free towing along with complimentary assistance with paperwork. This is because one of our main priorities is to help our customers rather than exploit them financially.

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How long does the car scrapping process take?

We usually start the vehicle scrapping procedure within 2 hours, but it also depends on weather conditions and the area of the customer. For example, we may experience delays in starting our scrapping process in hard-to-reach areas such as Northern, Coastal, and Island Regions, among others.



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Olivia Tremblay
Olivia Tremblay July 06, 2023
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I personally highly recommend Schmidt’s Auto Recycling. They were very professional and provided excellent customer service.
Liam Johnson
Liam JohnsonJune 02, 2018
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I was impressed with Schmidt’s Auto Recycling. They even paid me a good price for my old and unwanted vehicle. Thank you!
Harmeet Singh
Harmeet SinghOctober 02, 2022
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They are doing a great job! They offered a fair price for my old tractor and even took care of all the necessary paperwork. Good work bhai loog!
Sophia LeBlanc
Sophia LeBlancMarch 28, 2024
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Impressed with Schmidt’s Auto Recycling! They were quick to respond and answered all my questions. Great service overall!
Benjamin Ouellet
Benjamin OuelletMarch 14, 2024
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I had an old car sitting in my driveway for ages, and I finally decided to let it go. Schmidt’s Auto Recycling took care of everything efficiently.