Can You Scrap a Car Without Wheels?

Can You Scrap a Car Without Wheels?

Do you want to sell your scrap car? It’s a very good idea to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. You might wonder: can you scrap a car without wheels? In this article, we will answer this question and provide a guide on scrapping a car without wheels.

Can You Scrap a Car Without Wheels?

Yes, it is possible to scrap a car without wheels. Scrapyards typically accept cars in various conditions, even missing parts. However the scrap car without wheels may need additional steps for handling, but it does not prevent a car from being scrapped.

  • Transportation: As you know a car without wheels cannot be driven or towed to the scrapyard, which makes transportation more complicated and expensive.
  • Limited Scrapyard Options: A car without wheels can only be removed using a crane, but many scrapyards lack cranes. Therefore, you should always look for a junkyard that has a crane.
  • More Time and Effort: Finding a scrapyard with a crane and loading process takes extra time.
  • Weight: Vehicles without wheels will not be heavier, as the wheels and tires are no longer present and it will reduce the weight of the vehicle. So, you will be less paid in terms of metal weight.
  • The Value: A Car without wheels will be worth less than a car with wheels, as the wheels and tires are valuable components. While valuation a scrap yard team will always look for the wheels because they can be resold.

Keeping the Most Money in Your Pocket

If possible, try to keep the wheels on your car before scrapping it. This will:

  • Increase Your Payout: More weight means more money from the scrapyard.
  • Open Up More Options: You’ll have a wider range of scrapyards to choose from. Because you will not have only one option of finding a junkyard with a crane.
  • Simplify the Process: The standard towing method is quicker and easier for everyone involved.


If you scrap a car without wheels then it will be technically possible, but it’s far from ideal. You’ll face a smaller payout, fewer scrapyard options, and a more complex process. If you can manage it, keep the wheels on to get the most money and avoid unnecessary hassle.

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